March 1, 2011

Baby Boo Boo {18 months}

Since it is now past midnight, I think I can officially post this!

Dear Baby Boo Boo,
So crazy to think that you entered our lives an entire year and a half ago.
Everyone told me I'd love you more than I could imagine
but I was a little skeptical.
I thought I knew how much I would love you
Boy, was I wrong!
I still remember the overwhelming feeling of absolute love I felt
the instant that I met you.
You are so perfect.
As each day comes and goes I love you more and more
more than I ever thought possible,
more than I could have imagined.

You brighten my days
you fill me with joy
and happiness


that you are so absolutely adorable
{the fact that you are mine probably contributes to exactly how cute I think you are}

that you develop obsessions with random household items
{spoons, the vacuum attachment, and football - to name a few}

that you are my sweet, cuddly baby...I love our cuddles.
that you share all of your hugs and kisses with your books, stuffed animals, friends, toys, well...everything

that you give me kisses...even though I ask you for one about a million times each day.

that I can be in a bad mood and just look at you and it melts away.

that you have the most hilarious personality
{I'm gonna say you get that mostly from your daddy:)}

that I miss you...even if you're just taking a nap

that you melt my heart when you say "love you"

You transformed our lives and I can't even remember how we lived without you.
I'm so thankful that God chose me to be your mommy
it's been an amazing 18 months baby boo boo

38 weeks pregnant

the day you were born

and a few pictures of your first year and a half of life:

Happy 1/2 birthday to my sweet baby boy


Anonymous said...

Alex, he is the best!! I can't get enough of him.. I can't wait to see you all this summer. You have done such a professional job on this site, seriously!! Uncle Phil

AlexandraRose said...

Why thank you :) I'm soooo excited too! I know Isaiah is going to have such a fun time! He's getting pretty good at saying 'Uncle Phil' too! :)

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