March 30, 2011

Shine On

Something super exciting happened...
that made me feel special, encouraged and so happy.

A wonderfully sweet customer left me a message in Etsy, and here is what it said:

"I received it [the tote] yesterday and it is absolutely gorgeous, I just love it to pieces. It is so sturdy and the perfect size and officially my favorite bag I own. It's wonderful to come across a shop full of beautiful and well made things, that also has an owner who is so kind and completely fabulous :)"

How amazing is that?!
She didn't have to say those nice things...
in fact, it would have been MUCH easier and less time consuming for her to say nothing at all.

But can I tell you how big I smiled when I read this?!
It literally made my day.

Funny how such a little thing...such a small act of kindness
can mean so much.

This fits so perfect with this weeks SHINE challenge going on over at The Shine Project.
{a daily must read, btw}

The challenge this week is to give a compliment each day to someone in your life.
Ashley's thought {founder of TSP} is that we can brighten someones day
when we tell them something we appreciate about them
{and how right is she?!}

If I'm being honest
{which I am}
I can tell you that I wasn't participating in this week's challenge...
until now!

Once I read that sweet email from my customer,
I instantly thought of Ashley, The Shine Project and this SHINE challenge in particular.

Now, I'm so motivated to spread the encouragement that I feel to people in my life!
Thank you, Shannon, for the amazingly sweet and super special {I'm saving it forever} email.
And thank you to Ashley
 for creating such a wonderful and inspiring platform to help us spread the love!

Oh, and I have a challenge for you...

follow this weeks challenge and give a compliment each day for the rest of the week...
I promise you won't be let down!

because this little guys always makes me smile 


CaseyWiegand said...

aw yay!!!! i love sweet encouragement! you deserve it girl! love u!! xoxo

Shannon said...

Oh my goodness. My cheeks are going to hurt from smiling so much. You are just too sweet! I am so, so glad that my email helped to make you feel as wonderful as you are. And you most certainly made my day with this post!

gin said...

I love the Shine Project; I've been trying to compliment people I normally wouldn't compliment and it's amazing how fun it is and how good it makes me feel. :)

PinkSparkle And Lace said...

I haven't heard of The Shine Project, but I'll go check out the link.
You deserved that wonderful compliment!!
I know when I'm shopping or browsing Etsy shops, I try to make an effort to leave random messages & wish them the best for their shop. Or I'll follow their blog, especially if it's new. Every single time I do that, I always get a reply from that person thanking me. I'm fairly new at all this, Etsy, blogging, Twitter, etc & I know how it feels when it's been a while since a sale. It always feels good to hear nice words :-)

Keep up the good work! You have an awesome shop and blog! {and family}
xx Tammy

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