March 5, 2011

Spreading butter {some rules you should follow}

Now, before we get started,
let me just say that
yes, I do realize this is totally petty.
However, it still bothers me...

I went to get the butter spread this morning...
nothing out of the ordinary.

but when I opened up the lid,
this is what I saw.

I like to call this
"The Country Crock Massacre"

In case you're missing what I'm talking about,
I thought I'd include a more detailed picture
lets call this exhibit A

Really? Is all this necessary?
I mean, what did the butter ever do to you?

So, what I've decided to do
is present some rules for spreading butter
a butter etiquette, if you will.

First things first: under no circumstance should the knife be stabbed directly into the spread
it is butter, not a knife holder

Second, crumbs are a no no.
really, it's not that hard to keep them out.

Third, all scraping should be done in a circular motion as to not disrupt the 'flow' of the butter.
{highly important}

And last, do not leave butter residue from the knife on the side of the container
someones finger {ahem, mine} will always end up covered in butter.

See, only 4 easy steps to follow
to ensure a most enjoyable butter spreading experience.

you're welcome!

Happy spreading!
{of butter, that is}

disclaimer: this post is directed at my hubby {whom I love and adore}
please read this tutorial


{just.lovely.things} said...

I clean my butter with a napkin all the time, it smoothes it out and gets all the junk off of it.. plus at dinner (if we are having bread or something) I try to put a small bit in a smaller bowl to help prevent this... I will let you know, I do these things because my husband also does this! ;p

{just.lovely.things} said...

yes, i did just say clean my butter!

AlexandraRose said...

Haha! I must say, that is an extraordinary idea. What is is with hubby's? Just keep the butter clean and we can all get along, people! :)

tess//elizabeth said...

hahaha. alex, you are too cute. i love this post! i guess i am lucky (i'm totally speaking too soon) because i have my own butter container and it is totally clean.not to mention the flow of the butter is perf.
happy saturday ladies:)

Anonymous said...

A good way to prevent this, is use an ice cream scoop and put a couple "scoops" on a plate to use in the morning or at dinner.

muddypixie said...

this is Epic Alex....keep it coming!

Love you!

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