March 10, 2011

Isaiah's Obsessions

Now, I think I've mentioned before
that my sweet son happens to have obsessions with random items...

for instance...
a spoon
{this went on for months...everywhere we went, so did a spoon}

the vacuum attachment thingy{???}

his circle and  helicopter puzzle pieces
{just to name a few}

He espciallay likes to fall asleep holding one of these prized posessions

well, I think we've moved on to Isaiah's latest obsession.
And not sleeping with it tonight, was not an option.
can you tell what it is?

Alright...any guesses?
Ok, let me just help you out.
It's a loofah.
{yes, the kind for the bath}

we were at the store yesterday and  Isaiah picked this out
{I was under the impression he understood it was for the bath}
and now he keeps calling it his 'puppy' and carrying it around everywhere.
{needless to say, 'puppy' didn't even end up making it to the bath tonight}

It's pretty cute, I must admit...
I just hope I'm not stuck carrying around a wiener dog bath loofah for the next month!

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