March 30, 2011

Wacky Wednesday {a mish-mosh of things}

My friend {Heather} shared this site with me a while ago
and I just feel like it's a shame for me to keep it to myself.
So, if you have an iphone, can't stand autocorrect or just need a belly laugh,
you must check out this site.

Oh, and wouldn't this be kind of a sad day?

 photo credit

Feel like you need something to make you laugh {and possibly scream}
{and waste a little lot of  time} today?
then click here...

I was entertained for quite a while.
apparently it doesn't take much, huh?

Another {totally random} thing that is still making me laugh,
is that the hubby asked me to put zit cream on his 'blemish' last night before bed.
I was cracking up looking at the big white spot on his face...
{though I look like that nearly every night}

And, although it's officially spring, the weather is still not convinced.
{ok weather...this is your memo...}
It rained all day yesterday, and we took full advantage of puddle jumping.
{which I have to admit, was really fun}

Have a happy Wednesday!

1 comment:

gin said...

that autocorrect site makes me pee almost every time I read it. pure hilarity, for sure. it makes me double and triple check every text!

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