March 3, 2011

It's been an amazing week

It's been such an amazing week
and it's only Thursday!

Monday was much better than any Monday normally is...
the sweet women I work with
 made me a special birthday lunch!
Mediterranean potatoes {soooo yummy!} with french bread and chocolate mousse!
everything was delicious!
Monday night was spent entirely on creating and setting up my etsy shop
which is now up and running and I feel so proud!

Tuesday was the start of another month,
and my birthday and also baby boo boo's 1/2 birthday!
I was given flowers, balloons and lots and lots of chocolate
apparently people really know the way to my heart!

Wednesday, I shipped out my first round of orders!
It was so fun packaging everything up!
It made me feel so official dropping everything off at the post office!
We had dinner at my parents house to celebrate my birthday
{the tradition in my family}
and it was so nice to relax and spend time with them!
There was food, presents and, most importantly, cake!
I had my very first red velvet cake,
and it was absolutely delicious!
Baby boo boo helped me blow out the candles,
and, of course,
eat the cake

I seriously think he may have eaten more cake than I did!

It's been such a great week...
I feel so blessed
so loved
so humbled

Thank you for all of your support

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