March 3, 2011

It's the little things...

Gosh, no one told me that when I became a mommy
that I would also turn into a sap.
Seriously, I feel like I tear up on a daily basis,
thinking about how fast my little boy is growing,
or marveling at how amazing he is...
wondering what's going through his mind...
wishing he could remember these precious baby moments...
I can basically cry at a Kleenex commercial, people
{coming from the girl who never cried pre-baby}

Well, today was no exception.
It was "Dad's Day" at school,
and Mark got to come play with baby boo boo for the morning
We've both been looking forward to this all week...
and I kept tearing up thinking about the fact that my sweet baby
would get to have his daddy with him at school
{see, I told you I'm a sap}

It was so precious seeing baby boo boo look out the window
and wait for his daddy to come
they played in the water and did some art together

they played in the big gym
{and daddy helped Zaiah make a basket...well, try}

and then they got to come back and eat hot dogs!

this was the first time I broke down
and let Zaiah have a hot dog like the big boys
...he didn't like it - I'm a proud mommy, lol!

It was such a fun day
and I'm glad I have two amazing boys to share everything with

I feel so blessed to be able to experience these sweet moments
I can't wait for the many more I know life has in store for us


Meagan Wolter said...

wow this practically made me cry!

you guys are such an adorable little family, it makes my heart warm :]

Leslee Heater said...

I was totally thinking, 'you let Isaiah eat hit dogs?!' Lol I rarely cried before kids too; now I cry at the cheesiest commercials. Oh, and I LOVE Zaiahs haircut! :)

Btw, you're an awesome mommy! :)

"Miss" Paige said...

hey girlie!

i got my wallet yesterday!!! oh. my. gosh. I LOVE it! thank you SO much! you are SO talented!!


AlexandraRose said...

Meagan - oh, just wait til you have children...then the waterworks will really start. Leslee - imagine how happy I was when he didn't like them, lol! And thank you :) and Paige - yay! I'm soooo glad that you like your mini wallet! I feel another giveaway coming on.... :)

PinkSparkle And Lace said...

Your family is so cute!! Enjoy every second, the good and not so good. Time goes by so fast. My little ones are already 3 amazing "men", college grads and my oldest just proposed to his girlfriend. I have no clue where the time went!! And I can still remember those younger years as if they were yesterday. We are all best buddies now and I love how they are so good to me!!
~ Tammy

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