March 8, 2011

Oh, the DMV

I went to the DMV yesterday, after 'meaning to' for over a month.

This means that the nickname my husband has given me
{the fugitive}
no longer applies - hah!

See, I got the notice that my license would need to be renewed
 at the end of January.
My husband told me to go to the DMV right away, but I had an excuse

I had a hair appointment scheduled for the first week in February.
{highly important}
I wanted to have freshly colored roots for my picture
{can you blame me?}
 I mean, I do have to have the thing for 8 whole years
and my roots do not need to be pictured!

my hair appointment came and went,
and I still hadn't gone to renew my license.
My husband kept suggesting I go get it taken care of,
but I'm really good at making excuses.

March 1st came and went,
and my license officially expired.
If you know my hubby at all, you know he is a rule follower to the core
{this can be slightly irritating at times}
and so he decided that he would start calling me
the fugitive
and forbid me to drive anywhere on my own.
Well, I guess his tactic worked, because it only lasted one short week!
yesterday, I came home from work
and freshened up my hair and make-up.
I even changed my shirt and put on a necklace
{don't judge, people! Remember, 8 years!}

After completing the form,
 sitting in the DMV for quite some time
and calling my mom to have her drive my birth certificate to me
{yes, this was quite the shindig}
it was time to take the picture...

I re-applied my lip gloss and fluffed up my hair
I sat down in the chair
{in front of that lovely blue background}
and the woman took my picture

Once the photo processed, she handed me my temporary license
{you know, one of those paper ones}
Of course, the first thing I did was check out my picture

It's seriously the most zoomed in license picture I've ever seen!
It doesn't even show my entire neck,
or all of my hair.
It's a huge square of...face!
As we were walking out I had to laugh.
All of this primping, prepping and procrastinating
for a silly license picture,
and you can't even tell that I put on a necklace
{and coordinating cardigan, might I add}
or that I did my hair
I suppose this is my penalty for being shallow
but at least I got a laugh out of it

good thing  there's someone around here who doesn't have to work at being cute :)

Mowing down on his grilled cheese and quinoa!

Turning his sandwich into a boat...
his new fav thing to do at dinner

Have a happy Tuesday!


{just.lovely.things} said...

i love your huge square face! ;p

AlexandraRose said...

Aaaaawwwwwwwe! Hahaha!;)

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