March 19, 2011

rules at the stop sign {if you drive, please read}

A stop sign is a traffic sign,
 usually erected at road junctions,
that instructs drivers to stop and then to proceed only if the way ahead is clear.

Not so hard to understand, right?
Well apparently for 82% of the population, it is!
{yes, I made that number up}

I live in a small town, and there are lots of stop signs..
I'm not sure if it really matters that my town is small, oh well.
Anyway, in addition to having zillions of stop signs,
our little town seems to have a crap ton of 2 and 3 way stops.

I find this to be annoying.
Not because I mind stopping,
but because no one seems to follow any of the rules at said stop signs.

Now, we all have drivers licenses
{well, at least if you're driving I hope you do!}
which means we all took {and passed} a test in order to drive.

I understand it may have been a while since you took your test,
so I'm here to offer you a little refresher course in Stop Sign Etiquette
{you can thank me later}

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First, if you are approaching an intersection that has a 2 or 3 way stop,
please make sure you're one of the vehicles that actually has to stop before stopping.
It doesn't do any good for you to be sitting at an intersection
while all of the other cars {who actually do have stop signs}
are waiting for you to realize that you need to move.

Second, there is an order at the stop sign.
Yes, I know this may be a new revelation to some of you,
but you actually have to take turns, in the appropriate order, at a stop sign.
If you get to a stop sign before other cars,
once those said cars are also stopped,
please do not try and wave them ahead of you in an attempt to be 'curtious'
{or whatever you may be attempting to do}
it just messes up the order and confuses everyone!
Just go in order, people, and we can all get along.

Third, get off your phone.
Driving while talking on the phone is illegal in Oregon
{and I'm sure most other places too}
and it's against the law for a good reason.
When it's your turn to go, I wait for you.
If you are not paying attention and are too busy talking on the phone,
you mess up the order,
and that's rude.
So hang up, or pull over while you're on the phone.
Trust me, it's safer {and less annoying} for everyone.

Last, if you read the definition of what a stop sign is, then you probably already know this
{ but for those of you who skipped that line}
a stop sign means you have to stop.
It doesn't mean you slow down and roll through the stop sign,
and it doesn't mean you stop mid-way through the cross walk and stick out into the intersection.

Here's an interesting tid-bit:
If you do a rolling stop and hit someone, you will be faulted and if it results in a death, you could be jailed.

Now that I've explained what not to do,
I thought I'd leave you with the correct way to engage with fellow cars at a stop sign.
{I wouldn't leave you hanging like that}

1. Come to a complete and full stop at the intersection. Wait for your turn, double check for oncoming traffic or pedestrians and then slowly proceed into the intersection.

2. There are specific right of way rules that pertain to stop signs found at intersections.
  • The driver who stops first, continues first.
  • When two cars stop at the same time, general rule is that the car on the right has the right of way.
  • When there are three stop signs the person on the right has the right of way.
  • A stop sign means just that. Come to a full stop, not a rolling stop. Stop and look both ways before proceeding.
3. When you encounter an aggressive or bad driver who is trying to take the right-of-way away from you; let him. It's not worth an accident or suffering physical injury.

This would have to be pet peeve # 527
{yes, I'm aware that I have a lot}
but I seriously can not stand it when people make up their own rules at a stop sign.
I hope you have found this to be helpful.
{and were able to pick up on the fact that this was slightly sarcastic}

On a brighter note,
here is a picture of me and my sweet little leprechaun on St. Patricks Day

Happy Saturday!

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Jacqueline said...

I completely understand where you are coming from! I can't believe it's illegal to talk on the phone and drive there... makes sense, though! Here in Ohio (in select counties) it's illegal to text and drive... now there's a no-brainer!

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