March 31, 2011

Awkward and Awesome

I've decided to join the Awkward and Awesome link party
basically...because it's awesome to share awkward {and awesome} things :)

Let's dig right in with this week's memorable moments


dropping my face wash on my foot in the shower and then smacking my head on the shower wall when I bent down to pick it up {um, good morning}

trying to hold my 18 month old son in one arm and button my wallet with my other hand and arm in the post office while my son points to my chest and yells "boobie, boobie," over and over. {move along people...nothing to see here...}

putting my hair in a braid all day and then coming home at night to find I left out a super annoying long piece in the back. {ugh...I'm so that girl...yep, bringing back the rat tail}

calling a woman in the paper about puppies she has listed for sale and talking to her for over 35 minutes on the phone about her crazy mishaps, how life use to be out on the prairie, and how she was caught in a storm at 11 o'clock at night. {I must say this one was both awkward and awesome...thank you, Charlotte}

taking Isaiah to his first swim class {since he was 7 months old} and having him scream "out" and cry the entire time. {we will Thursday...swim class - here we come!}


going on a P-Town coffee, chocolate, date with my hubby, son and two nephews. {who would have thought that a donut muffin and 3 hot chocolates could be so fun?!}

some slightly spring-ish weather has finally decided to make it's debut {you're welcome...I did send the memo}

a wonderfully sweet and thoughtful email I received from a happy customer...I smile every time I think about it! {check out this post to see what I'm talking about}

my amazing husband who is more supportive than I could ever hope for {I appreciate you, love}

How about you?!
What was awkward, and what was awesome?!


Ashley Drury said...

I'm so copying you and joining this :)

gin said...

I'm totally awkward and awesome too! I especially love the "boobie, boobie" one. And, I seem to attract people like Charlotte like magnets. I simply can't give them the brushoff, I'll just sit and listen.

You have a precious family; thanks for sharing a&a thursday!

Anonymous said...

alex your blog is just so great to read....and we love, love LOVE the photos......x0x0x0x0x0x0

Leslee Heater said...

The boys absolutely LOVED their hot chocolate date with Uncle Mawk and Auntie Awex and Isaiah! In fact, they loved everything about last weekend (as demonstrated by their tears when you left). We love you!! :)

{just.lovely.things} said...

the daybook was one of the first fashion blogs i stumbled upon with a real girl posting real photos.. i love her blog and i'm so glad you found it...

p.s i love you because you are awkward and awesome! =)

Shellsea said...

Hiya, I'm a new follower. Just found your blog today. Can't wait to read more.

I love the post office story, too funny.

AlexandraRose said...

Thank you for following! I'm excited everyone is liking these posts...can't wait for the next one...there never seems to be a shortage in my life, lol!

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