March 27, 2011

We Made it Home {and I've been de-virgin-ized}

Well now, just to clarify,
We made it home from Portland
{where we visited family and had an amazing time}

And I've been de-virgin-ized from
Fabric Depot!
{come on...I'm married...what were you thinking?!}
That's right, people...I experienced my first ever trip to Fabric Depot!

Don't worry, I took some pictures to document this momentous occasion,
But before I show you, let me just say that I was
completely overwhelmed
nearly the moment I walked in the door
{not to mention it was about 30 minutes until closing - it was a busy day, ok?}
and I ran around like a maniac trying to look in every nook and cranny of the store
needless to say, that did not happen - sigh.

But I did get to see the huge array of
fabrics, patterns, thread, elastic, buttons and every other doo-dad and thingy-majig they have to offer.
I was on sensory overload.
Here is just a small fraction of what I saw:

wouldn't these fabrics make super cute cuddly tag blankets and burp cloths?!

and these wipeable {I know there's a proper name, I just can't think of it} prints would make great diaper bags or high chair covers that would be super easy to clean!

who doesn't love a little ruffle and sequin?!
{I'm thinking Heather would have better use for these bad boys than I would}

aisles and aisles of...everything you could possibly imagine...

I'm in LOVE with these fabrics. They would make amazing zippered pouches
{here's a secret...they'll be the next new product in my shop!!}

And guess how much stuff I left with?!
Are you ready for the grand tally?
Is the suspense is killing you?

That's right, I left without buying even one thing.
{I know, something is wrong with  me}

I don't think I do well in situations where I feel overwhelmed.
Plus, I didn't have any specific project ideas in mind,
{until now, of course}
so it's hard for me to just randomly pick fabrics I like.

Because, let's face it...I liked it all and if I was just buying to, well, buy...
I would've basically left with the entire store.
And that's not really helpful for anyone
{well, maybe it is for Fabric Depot - hello huge sale}

Anyway, I digress.
It was so fun having my first experience at Fabric Depot...I am officially no longer
a Fabric Depot virgin
{a huge thank you to my SIL for driving me through Lord knows where to get there!}
and on my next visit I'll have some specific projects in mind
{and get there with more than 30 minutes to spare}
and shop til I drop!

1 comment:

Sarah Bear =] said...

oh my gosh, what gorgeous fabrics! How exciting!

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