March 12, 2011

A Monumental Milestone

Well, there are a few here.
First, Isaiah had his 18 month check up yesterday
{seriously, 18 months??}
and he did so good!
He weighs 26 lbs 11oz and is 32 1/2 inches long
{basically average for both weight and height}

We had to wait in the exam room for quite a while,
{like, oh, 40 biggie}
and baby boo boo was an absolute angel
we had a little photo shoot

Second, Isaiah had his first happy meal ever!
{I told you this was monumental}

my son is seriously a self-proclaimed vegetarian...
I can't get him to eat any meat.
This includes homemade chicken nuggets {or chicken of any kind}, steak, ground beef...
basically, you  name it, I've tried it.

well, apparently all I needed to try this entire time was a
McDonalds cheeseburger...geesh.

He pretty much devoured the entire thing,
ate all of his french fries
{and some of daddy's too}

And I've never seen anyone smile so much while eating dinner


Deborah said...

Oh how cute. Is everyday this much fun for you guys? It looks like it. Bless you MUCH!

Leslee Heater said...

Oh my gosh! He is ADORABLE! What a little ham. Just sittin, having his photo shoot! lol He TOTALLY gets that from his dad! lol And a cheeseburger?? REALLY??? I JUST got ben to eat a bite of a cheeseburger (well, turkey on a whole wheat bun, lol) and he's almost 6! Have you tried Wendy's nuggets? The boys' fave! :)

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