May 31, 2011

I {heart} My Hubby

Now, hubby has made a few small appearances on the blog,
but in no way has he received all the credit he deserves.

So, let me formally introduce you to hubby {or Mark - whichever}

I know, he's a handsome catch, huh? I lucked out.

He's totally silly,
a super hard worker,
loves his family to the moon and back,
never misses out on an opportunity to make me laugh,
and is the best daddy ever.

I can't count how many times he's given Isaiah his bath, and read him his bedtime stories
so that I could work on items for my shop
or blog, or respond to email's.

Oh, and did I mention he's pretty much super-husband?
And I don't mean he scrubs the bathtub for me, empties the dishwasher, goes grocery shopping and mows the lawn
{though he does do those things}

I'm talking about the fact that he's the most supportive person I've ever met.

I've accomplished so many of my dreams this year,
and none of it would have been possible without the help of my hubby.

He is encouraging, supportive, positive and treats my like I never imagined I could be treated.
I'm so lucky and so blessed to have him as my husband.

I know you have supportive hubby's too
{or boy friends, sisters, brothers, friends, moms - overall supportive people}
and I wanted to create a link party where we can honor them each week
for the amazing ways in which they allow us to do what we do!
The only rule is that you include the
I {heart} my hubby link button
- with a link back to my blog-
in your post so more people can join our fun!

Link up today and tell me about the special person in your life who supports you,
and something great they've done for you!
I can't wait to read about the supportive people in your life!

May 30, 2011

I like to get a bargain {and I'm sure you do too...}

Let's face it,
no one likes to pay full price.
{especially me}

But on the other hand,
when I want something...I want it now.

 I don't have hours and hours to dedicate to extreme couponing
...unless TLC would like to hire me...

And I'm not a huge fan of waiting for things to go on sale
{plus, whenever I do that the thing I want usually sells out}

So, how do I get good deals and rarely pay full price for anything?

I'm so glad you asked.
{and if you didn't ask you're about to find out anyway!}

Have you checked out
If not, you are seriously missing out.

We're talking every type of coupon known to mankind,
and it's completely effortless!

With over 250,000 visitors each month, is one of the fasting growing coupon sites. They offer over 50,000 coupons for over 15,000 stores.
You should be.

The average person saves $21
just by clicking to get an online code or print out a coupon to redeem at the store!
$21 people....that's HUGE.

I know, I know. You're welcome.
{you're going to be thanking me for this one for a long time}

Let me break down the way I use this amazing site.
First, I find something I want - trust me, this is not hard and you should find it easy as well.

Generally, the 'thing' is not on sale. So, I head on over to

Once I'm there I type in the name of the store or website in the search box.

It's really as easy as that.
If there are any coupons that apply
{and usually there are}
they pop on up and you get to choose which one to use!

Another little tip:
Sometimes there are two coupon codes that you can use for the same store and even the same item!
Most of them are a certain % off your order, plus you can combine it with a free shipping code
{when you get those combos it's like hitting the savings jackpot}

The best coupon I found today was for Snapfish...50% off everything

We all work hard for our money
and helps us stretch it like a Stretch Armstrong
{yes, I just said typed that}

Anyway, head on over to and start saving NOW!
ooooh and come back here and tell me all about the deals you're getting!

Happy saving :)

Delightfully Shabby Giveaway Winner

  kittykerri said...

I follow your blog. Thanks for the intro to such a cute shop!


Congratulations, Kitty!

Thank you to everyone who entered!

Don't forget to check out the Delightfully Shabby shop!

May 28, 2011

Saturday Snapshots

Memorial Day parade
The cutest nephews ever
Sweet sweat bands from Auntie
Day-time naps
and a tuckered out little boy.

Hope you're having a wonderful Saturday
and great holiday weekend!

May 27, 2011

Fabulous Finds {Father's Day Edition}

Ok guys, it's coming quick!
Now you have no excuse for not finding the perfect, handmade gift for all the special daddy's out there!

Here are just a few of the wonderful items I'm loving for Father's Day

These vintage shave mugs from Dirty Deeds Soaps

This vintage desk calendar from elasvintageliving

This beetle notebook {field notes for the naturalist} by racooncatcreations

A brown bow tie by quinndp88. I love how this is somehow both vitage and preppy.

This amazing leather messenger bag {actually, can I have this instead?!} by LusiousLeatherNYC

So get out there and start shopping!
Nothing says 'I love you Dad'
better than a handmade gift!

Have a Fabulous Friday!!


May 26, 2011

Awkwardly Awesome

 Good morning!
Yep, it's that time of week again...
another installment of Awkward and Awesome
where I admit the super embarrassing things that no one would know about if I didn't publicly announce them - but, what fun would that be?!

Here we go!



Going to the bathroom and then finding I have the pleasure of using this:

Burning the crap out of dinner {something hubby is fairly use to}

Baby butt crack - the awkward part is that the only reason Zaiah's tushie is hanging out of his pants is because he decided it would be a good idea to poop and then stick his hand down his diaper and proceed to touch his poo and tell me "uh oh, icky".


Ball pits. They're just awesome.

Getting the 3rd parking spot from the front at Costco. It's ok if you're jealous.

Zaiah {my natural born vegetarian} deciding that he likes 'chickens' {aka, turkey tenderloin} and having 3 helpings!

Naked babies coloring after bath time. Well, to be specific, my baby :)

How about you?
What was awkward and what was awesome?!

I'm linking up here:

May 25, 2011

Upcycled, Decorative Glass Jars {a super easy tutorial}

Ready for a super quick and easy tutorial?!
{Because really, that's the only kind I post}

Hubby, Zaiah and I have been going through peanut butter like crazy lately.

We always recycle the glass jars, but I still feel guilty about it.
I mean, they're the perfect size for storing goodies and organizing small spaces,
plus, they have a lid!
{I know, total bonus}

So, instead of recycling them, I decided I'd start upcycling them,
and give them a new - and cuter - purpose!

Here's what you'll need:

some glass jars {or a glass bottle} scrapbooking paper, mod podge, scissors and a paint brush

First, cut strips of paper into the shape you want them to appear on your jar.
{I admit, I was definitely having a lack of inspiration and didn't do anything too creative, but I think you get the point.}

Next, apply a layer of mod podge directly on the jar.
Lay the paper on top and "press" onto the jar with the paint brush and another layer of mod podge.

When you get to the part where the paper overlaps, apply another generous layer of mod podge and press down.
The first layer is done!
{and you can totally stop here if you want}

Now, if you want to embellish the jar with other patterns, shapes, words, flowers...whatever, now's the time!
Cut the shapes out and use the mod podge like glue to hold them on. Apply a coating of mod podge over the entire jar when finished.

and TaDa!
You're done!
That wasn't too hard, was it?!

I think it would be great to use stickers {or make letters of your own}
and use these jars for labeling and organizing a craft room.

you could make a piggy bank,
nuts & bolts jar
a bug catcher {but poke holes in the lid so the little buggies don't die}
anyway, the list is endless!

So start saving your jars and make some of your own!

I'm linking up here:


May 24, 2011

Delightfully Shabby {a giveaway AND a discount}

You may remember the first time I introduced you to

in my Fabulous Finds Friday post,
but today, Delightfully Shabby is visiting for an even more special occasion!

We're getting to know Jasmijn
{owner and creator of Delightfully Shabby}
a little better, plus, there might {just might}
be a super awesome opportunity for you to win something
from her wonderful shabby chic shop!

But first, more about Jasmijn!

"Decorating and making something new out of something old is just a passion of mine that I recently decided to pursue since I ran out of decorating space in my small apartment... So far- it has been a wonderful experience - I have never looked back!I love finding unique things I can revamp to make look shabby and chic! I am always on the hunt for one of a kind items that I know have potential."

You know that feeling of whimsy and excitement that you get when you find that perfect piece you've been looking for?!
That's the feeling I get when I check out Delightfully Shabby!

I love all the different styles, textures and patterns
Jasmijn puts together with her items.

I can envision all these shabby chic touches around my house, studio, garden and outdoor space!

Take a peek for yourself
{warning, you may want to buy everything you are about to see, I know I do}

I know, I're dying to get your hands on these shabby chic items
{I don't lie, folks}

And it's your lucky day,
because Jasmijn is awesome enough to offer one lucky Alexandra Rose reader
a $15 shop credit!
{you can jump up and down with excitement now if you want, I won't look}

There are 5 ways to enter!!
{please leave a separate comment for each item you complete}

{this one is mandatory} be a public follower of the Alexandra Rose Blog
Head on over to the Delightfully Shabby shop and come back here and tell me what you would purchase with the shop credit
Become a fan of the Delightfully Shabby facebook page
Become a fan of Alexandra Rose on facebook
Re blog {tweet or facebook} about the giveaway with a link back to this post

Oh, and Jasmijn didn't stop there.
She's giving all of you the opportunity to add these amazing accessories to your home by giving you
20% off your entire purchase!
use the code 20OFF at checkout
and start shopping now!

Giveaway and discount code will be open until Saturday at 11:59pm
Winner will be announced Sunday

Good luck!

May 23, 2011

An Exciting Announcement {reviews & giveaways}

I have some excting news to share with you,
but first,
I want to say thank you!

Thank you for following,
for your encouraging comments,
for sticking by me,
for putting up with me when I complain
and sharing my smiles with me.

It wouldn't be the same here without you!

I've learned so much about myself over the past few months
and it's so great to look back at my early posts
and see how far I've come.

I'm having such a great time
and I adore being part of such a supportive, encouraging and positive community!

This little blog has grown to over 200 readers
and I'm so happy to announce that

Let's face it,
I like to talk.
And I'd love to talk abot your product
or help promote your shop or blog.

here is an example of a giveaway post.

For more information, or to schedule your product reveiw or giveaway,
email me at

I can't wait to hear from you
and work toward growing your small business together!


May 22, 2011

Who Wears Short Shorts?

I would like to say that the they way Isaiah is sitting in this swing
accounts for the awkward short-ness of his shorts.

However, I think the bottom line is that
I should not dress my 28 pound child in size 12 mos shorts.

I'm sorry for the embarrassing picture Isiaiah
...mommy has packed these shorts away.

May 21, 2011

Saturday Snapshots

A beautiful Saturday...
Perfect day for the Market

{sorry for the horrible photo quality}
Technically, I used Hubby's phone
and, apparently, I'm not very good at aiming with hipstamatic

Anyway, we had a great time at the market and got to try a new food truck!
They had an amazing menu with lots of unique dishes!
I got the braised kale sandwich, and hubby had the bacon stuffed french toast.
Both were absolutely delicious and I can't wait to try something new next week!

Hope you have an amazing Saturday!
{told you we'd still be here}

I'm linking up here:


May 20, 2011

It's The End Of The World As We Know It {and I feel fine :)}

There's been a lot of talk about
the 'rapture' happening on May 21st
{aka, tomorrow}

I feel like no matter what you think, or what your beliefs are,
it's just a little eerie to think about your last day on Earth.
It's not one of my most favorite things to talk about, I'll admit.
However, even though I know this whole rapture thing is totally a hoax,
it really does get a little freaky when you start thinking about it.

While I was out to dinner with a friend last week
she told me that she had been doing a little research on the guy causing all this mass hysteria,
Harold Camping,
and his crazy theory.

Anyway, she proceeded to tell me that on his website he provides a pre-made kit
that he recommends everyone purchases.
a 'rapture survival kit' if you will.
{oh, minor detail, the kits cost anywhere from $1,500-$2,800}
Since we're all in to saving money and DIY projects,
I thought I'd post the items in the kit for you,
so you can make your own, if you so feel the need,
or read it and laugh, because I know that's what I did.

Once I read the kooky things on his list I couldn't help but crack up...
it totally lightened up the situation and made me realize how out there he is.

So, if you'd like to feel a little more at ease, or go purchase these items to make your own kit
{hey, I won't judge}
here is the list:

  • One nine-millimeter automatic pistol
  • Two boxes of ammunition
  • One drug issue containing antibiotics, morphine, vitamin pills, pep pills, sleeping pills, tranquilizer pills, and seven vials of holy water
  • One miniature combination Aramaic phrase book and King James Bible, edited by Harold Camping
  • Nine packs of sugar-free chewing gum {like really, are you kidding me?}
  • One issue of prophylactics {you know, to prevent procreating}
  • Three lipsticks {???}
  • Three pair of nylon stockings {to go with the lipstick?!}
  • List of key neo-conservative talking points, to please the Lord, provided by Fox News
  • One “I Heart Unborn Babies” bumper sticker
  • One foil Rapture helmet {pretty sure you could make this yourself...hummm, maybe a DIY tutorial?!}
  • List of major religions, including numerous Christian denominations, to avoid and shun
  • “Kill a Queer for Christ” t-shirts
  • One pamphlet of phrases guaranteed to flatter Saint Peter
  • One instructional brochure entitled “How to Identify the Anti-Christ,” with a photograph of Congressional Democrats on the cover
See my point?
This guys is a total wacko!
But I did have a good laugh at the kit list, so I'll at least give him that.

I hope you enjoyed it, and now feel a little more at ease.
If not, at least you have a shopping list...better get to it ;)

See you all for a new blog post TOMORROW!
{promise I'll be here}
Matthew 24:36-37 No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.

This guy is super prepared, just in case though :)
{I'm thinking this is the DIY version??}

Fabulous Finds Friday

It's been weeks since I've done a proper
Fabulous Finds Friday,
so today I'm super excited to share with you some etsy shops I'm loving!
{be sure to take a peek at all of these amazing shops...they all have tons of fabulous items!}

Here are the things I'm loving this week:

These word keys from shabbymcfabby
perfect for a gift for your guests at a wedding, scrapbooking or decor in your house!

This eclectic framed chalkboard from laurellane. I absolutely LOVE the idea of jazzing up a traditional chalk board!

These vintage shabby chic candle sticks from Delightfully Shabby. I can picture these in my house now!

And this set of chippy white picture frames from Dirt Road Decor. I love how they're all similar, but not too much the same.

Be sure to check out these shops
and support handmade!

May 19, 2011

Awkward & Awesome

I'm so enjoying the sunshine and lovely weather that we're having today...
70 today and 80 tomorrow...I'll take it!

As always, plenty of awkward things happened this week
and a few awesome ones too! :)

First, some snapshots


Finding a slug on the floor in my living room. All the doors were did this happen?

Having a humungo corona truck parked in our driveway.

My night stand. Yes, that's 3 cups of coffee and 2 cups of water. And yes, I'm embarrassed.


Watching snow white every day this week with my sweet baby boo boo {who must sit about a foot away from the tv}

Having a helper when I have to unload the dishwasher

Watching my sweet Isaiah doodle with a pen and post-it

Having the most adorable baby boy who tried to feed a lizard one of his cheerios

How was your week?
What was awkward and what was awesome?

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