May 14, 2011

Awkward and Awesome {even though it's friday}

I'm sure you've all heard it a thousand times already,
but I'm soooooo glad blogger is back up and running
{though I'm not holding my breath as to how long it will last}
It puts a serious cramp, in my bloggin' style, to be down for nearly two days.

ok, maybe I should try the power of positive thinking...
all the glitches have been addressed and we're fixed for good!
{hopefully that helps}

Here are some pictures from this week:


Leaving Isaiah alone for 3.25 seconds and coming back to find that he has discovered where I store his baby wipes and also how to pull them out. Pull ALL of them out.

Having the thing that goes in between your toes {what is that called?!} on my sandals break and having to walk with funky limp all the way to my car in order to somewhat keep my sandal on my foot.

Walking into the bathroom and finding a sippy cup in the toilet.


Having a sleepy baby fall asleep in the stroller.

Random trips to the park.

Watching Isaiah put stickers all over himself and repeat "cute, cute" over and over :)

How was your week?!
What was awkward and what was awesome?

1 comment:

Fallon said...

I love the sippy in the potty! Sounds like my house! Heres my awesome and awkward:
AWESOME!!! - selling my lemon of a bmw for almost as much as we bought it for!
AWKWARD: using my boys' bathroom to find that there was no toilet paper, and having to wipe with diaper wipes... (feels so gross!) LOL!

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