May 3, 2011

Ahhh, What Spring Means For Dinner {at least for my house}

Once the sun shine comes out
my ice cream cravings get even more intense
{is that possible?!}

And tonight,
this is what I whipped up for dinner

Well, if you want to get technical,
I guess Yogurt Hut should get the credit,
{but I did pick out my own flavors and put my own toppings on...that counts for somethin'}

I know it looks like a bit of a brown mess,
but it was delicious!

I mixed chocolate and cappuccino frozen yogurts
and topped it with peanut butter cups, butterfinger and oreo.
I know. Amazing.

If you ask me, it's a very balanced meal
You get your dairy, sugar, chocolate and peanut butter
{in my case, anyway}
and that pretty much covers all the major food groups, right?

Ok, ok, don't get too jealous.
I promise that tomorrow will bring a much more healthy and balanced recipe.

Hope you enjoyed your dinner as much as I did.
{having a Yogurt Hut right down the street may be bad...maybe}


Kimberley said...

haha I would consider this balanced ;) YUM!

Lindsay said...


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