May 25, 2011

Upcycled, Decorative Glass Jars {a super easy tutorial}

Ready for a super quick and easy tutorial?!
{Because really, that's the only kind I post}

Hubby, Zaiah and I have been going through peanut butter like crazy lately.

We always recycle the glass jars, but I still feel guilty about it.
I mean, they're the perfect size for storing goodies and organizing small spaces,
plus, they have a lid!
{I know, total bonus}

So, instead of recycling them, I decided I'd start upcycling them,
and give them a new - and cuter - purpose!

Here's what you'll need:

some glass jars {or a glass bottle} scrapbooking paper, mod podge, scissors and a paint brush

First, cut strips of paper into the shape you want them to appear on your jar.
{I admit, I was definitely having a lack of inspiration and didn't do anything too creative, but I think you get the point.}

Next, apply a layer of mod podge directly on the jar.
Lay the paper on top and "press" onto the jar with the paint brush and another layer of mod podge.

When you get to the part where the paper overlaps, apply another generous layer of mod podge and press down.
The first layer is done!
{and you can totally stop here if you want}

Now, if you want to embellish the jar with other patterns, shapes, words, flowers...whatever, now's the time!
Cut the shapes out and use the mod podge like glue to hold them on. Apply a coating of mod podge over the entire jar when finished.

and TaDa!
You're done!
That wasn't too hard, was it?!

I think it would be great to use stickers {or make letters of your own}
and use these jars for labeling and organizing a craft room.

you could make a piggy bank,
nuts & bolts jar
a bug catcher {but poke holes in the lid so the little buggies don't die}
anyway, the list is endless!

So start saving your jars and make some of your own!

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