May 18, 2011

I Tend To Be A Quitter...

And that's being extremely generous.
I seriously quit almost everything I start.

Since the age of 5 I've been involved in a myriad of sports, hobbies, events and activities
...and I've quit them all.

Let's see, there was:
girl scouts
horse back riding
basket ball
volley ball
church small group

and I'm sure there's more
{and my mom can probably give you the official list}

I don't know why I quit, really.
Maybe it got hard, or took up too much time, or I didn't feel like I was good at it.
But the bottom line is that I don't usually have a huge issue with quitting.
{trust me, it's not exactly one of those things I love about myself...but I"m working on it}

Something that scares me
is that one day I'll decide to quit my blog...quit crafting.

If that's the best decision for me and my family at that time, then that's fine, but I don't want to quit because it gets hard, or overwhelming or is challenging.

I'm having so much fun,
meeting so many wonderful and amazing people
and I love having a positive, creative outlet!

I hope that all of you will help hold me accountable...
you really are such an encouragement and I LOVE reading every comment...they mean so much to me!

On a completely unrelated note,
hubby was watching NatGeo {or some other educational channel} last night,
and it was a special on elephants - my favorite!

There was a camera under water and showed them swimming around and was quite possibly

Anyway, it reminded me that I have some amazing elephant fabric!
So tonight, this guy:

made it into the shop!
Thank you NatGeo for some unexpected inspiration!


Mama Jill said...

I am exactly the same.... I have quit so many things. SO MANY! I think we would get along well... lol! I think that is why I am such a bad swimmer....

I really really really love that orange fabric. Who is the designer?

CaseyWiegand said...

that is seriously the cutest everrrrrrrrr

{just.lovely.things} said...

Its ok to quit something, that just means you move on to something new. I think that if you give something your all then why is it quitting? Maybe it just means you completed something =)

AlexandraRose said...

Thank you, Heather! I like how you're looking at it from a much more positive way! I think you're right too! And I have NO idea who the designer of the fabric is...isn't that horrible?!

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