Upcycled Glass Jars

Ready for a super quick and easy tutorial?!
{Because really, that's the only kind I post}

Hubby, Zaiah and I have been going through peanut butter like crazy lately.

We always recycle the glass jars, but I still feel guilty about it.
I mean, they're the perfect size for storing goodies and organizing small spaces,
plus, they have a lid!
{I know, total bonus}

So, instead of recycling them, I decided I'd start upcycling them,
and give them a new - and cuter - purpose!

Here's what you'll need:

some glass jars {or a glass bottle} scrapbooking paper, mod podge, scissors and a paint brush

First, cut strips of paper into the shape you want them to appear on your jar.
{I admit, I was definitely having a lack of inspiration and didn't do anything too creative, but I think you get the point.}

Next, apply a layer of mod podge directly on the jar.
Lay the paper on top and "press" onto the jar with the paint brush and another layer of mod podge.

When you get to the part where the paper overlaps, apply another generous layer of mod podge and press down.
The first layer is done!
{and you can totally stop here if you want}

Now, if you want to embellish the jar with other patterns, shapes, words, flowers...whatever, now's the time!
Cut the shapes out and use the mod podge like glue to hold them on. Apply a coating of mod podge over the entire jar when finished.

and TaDa!
You're done!
That wasn't too hard, was it?!

I think it would be great to use stickers {or make letters of your own}
and use these jars for labeling and organizing a craft room.

you could make a piggy bank,
nuts & bolts jar
a bug catcher {but poke holes in the lid so the little buggies don't die}
anyway, the list is endless!

So start saving your jars and make some of your own!

Crafty Clothespins

In case you didn't know,
I have a small obsession with clothespins...

I just think they're so.....cute!
{and not to mention, functional!}

take a peek at these cutie patooties

{I call these crafty clothespins}
oh, you'd like to know how to make some of your own?!

Ok then...let's get started! 
First, gather your supplies!

you'll need mod podge {or other decoupage} clothespins, a paint brush, cute scrapbook paper and scissors

And before we get too far into this, you should all be reminded that
I'm a fan of really simple craft projects
ok. we can proceed.

Line up your clothespin with the scrapbook paper you'll be using,
and cut around the edges.

You'll end up with a piece of paper that is a perfect fit! 

Next, apply Mod Podge all over one side of the clothespin
{it really doesn't matter which is the top}

Then, lay your perfectly fit piece of paper on top and press down.
Brush on a generous layer of Mod Podge over the entire thing
{it dries clear and will give it a nice little finish}

Now here's the fun part!
Cut out shapes from your scrapbook paper {I also used ribbon}
And use the Mod Podge to glue them on!
{remember to spread a layer over the entire thing once you have it all on}
And then you let it dry!

See, I said it would be simple!

And while it's drying, you make more!
{this step is absolutely necessary}

Once they're all dry,
you can glue magnets on the back

or, leave 'em plain and love them just the way they are!
{we don't discriminate against clothespins here}

In just a few minutes you've created lots of
adorable doodah's

I hope you enjoy them!
{I'm thinking they'd make some super cute gifts}

Ruffled Vase Embellishement

Ok, this is my first ever tutorial
{so don't be too harsh}
and it's a super easy one to follow,
plus, I took a zillion pictures!

Let's get started!

Gather your supplies

you'll need a vase, some scrap fabric, a sewing machine {or needle and thread}, hot glue gun and a pair of scissors

First, cut a strip of fabric that fits around the width of your vase.
{you'll want this strip to be the thicker one}
Next, cut a strip of contrasting fabric that is twice as long, but a little thinner than the first
{this will be the ruffle}
example: my thick piece was 2'' and the thin piece was about 1 1/4"

Adjust your sewing machine to the widest stitch
{mine goes up to 5}
and sew {but don't backstitch!} down the center of your accent fabric
{you could definitely do this by hand, as well}
Pull one of the ends of thread while pushing the fabric down toward the other end
and the fabric will start to ruffle!
{play around with it until you like the way it looks}

Now, line up your ruffle on top of the thicker base piece of fabric.
{you can adjust your ruffle to make the pieces the same length}

Now, dab a little hot glue on the end and press the ruffle to the base piece.
{if you want to be an over achiever you could certainly sew the ruffle on instead...I was feeling lazy}

Do the same on the other side, and then dab little bits of hot glue along the middle to make sure the ruffle is securely glued to the base piece. 

Now it's time to wrap the entire ruffle around the vase.
Once it's placed on the vase take more hot glue
{I did say this was easy}
and place glue where the fabric overlaps and press.

The ruffled vase embellishment is finished!

Spin the vase around and check it out from the front!
Cute, right?!
Super easy, eco friendly and affordable way to spruce up an ordinary vase!
{and is great for giving as a gift!}

I hope you try making one!!

Fabric Card Tutorial

I love handmade cards,
and I make them for almost every occasion,
but I found myself in a bit of a rut.
{I'm not the most crafty paper person, I can admit it}
so I decided to turn to my sewing machine for a little inspiration!
{she never lets me down!}

This is incredibly easy,
and doesn't even require a step by step tutorial,
but I had fun making this, and took lots of pictures,
so I thought I'd write one up anyway!

First things first,
gather your supplies!

You'll need scissors, a card, some scrap fabric and sewing machine
{needle and thread will totally work too!}

Next, cut your fabric into strips,
and arrange them on the card!
{seriously, this is where you can get creative...any color, pattern, design...you name it!}

And then,
{you guessed it}
you sew those bad boys down!
{I sewed a line right down the middle, but please, do whatever your heart desires!}

Now you have a super cute card with little fabric ears...and that's not really flattering...

Snip them off :)
{well, unless you like them...then leave 'em}


You've created a custom card!

But...I still think it's missing a little special something...

So I added a ruffle!

and Voila!
The finished product!
{I forgot to take a picture once I snipped off the extra ruffle fabric, but I think you get the idea}

I promise you that whoever receives this card will
LOVE the fact that you gave them something personal,
and handmade.

So go ahead...create one, or 7...
{they're a little addicting}
you've been warned :)

happy crafting!
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