May 5, 2011

An Awkwardly Awesome Thursday

Another week has passed,
and, as always, plenty of awkward and awesome things have happened to me.

{Please don't judge me...I swear I'm not in control}

Let's get to it!


Hearing a local radio advertisement for a Cinco De Mayo chihuahua race {really?!}

Watching a grocery store employee attempt to windex an automatic door.

Getting out of the shower in front of my 1 1/2 year old son {normally not a big deal} but as I took off my towel and put on my robe, he looked at me with his magnifying glass pressed up to his eye and said,
 "I see you!"
{Yes, Isaiah, I realize you see me. Thank you for pointing that out..and looking at me all zoomed in}

Opening my trunk to find a piece of my car. {Still left in there from the car accident hubby was in over a month ago}

Watching my  neighbor and 3 of his friends skateboard up and down the street - for quite a while - in nothing but their underwear and shoes. {seriously, how does this stuff happen to me?!}
In case you want proof, I made hubby be a crazy paparazzi and take a picture of them:


Sun.Shine. 80 degree weather. First tan lines of the season. I'm happy :)

Peeking in Zaiah's room to check on him before bedtime only to realize he's having a cuddle-fest with Buzz and Woody. {Precious}

Picnics in the park with my loves

Chubby baby legs.
{pretty sure this is 1/2 the reason I love summer}

Having my son insist that I put a clip in his hair.

How was your week?
What was awkwardly awesome?!
I'd love to hear!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

alex..i loved this post sooo much ...i think it may even help me enjoy the rest of the evening....loved the photo of isaiah sleeping with his pals....just great...and of course the neighbor boys skateboarding..luckily not wearing tiny bikini underwear. (yes, you have all of this to look forward to.) xoxoxoxoxo

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