February 12, 2011

Toddler Tips {will he stop throwing food?!}


It doesn't matter what time of day, or what meal we're eating, Isaiah has developed a love for throwing his food.

At first, I actually thought it was kind of cute
{I know, what was I thinking?!}
In case you are wondering, I am past that.
Way, past that.
Food throwing as a professional sport started when Isaiah was about 10 months old
...but that was a good 7 1/2 months ago...
and by the end of every meal I'm about ready to pull my hair out

Here is a peek at what my floor looks like after a meal...and this was a relatively uneventful one

Two spoons, some yogurt, a tomato, a few olives and a scattering of pumpkin seeds later...
Isaiah's plate was removed from his tray....sigh

I've talked to some other trusted mommy's about this, and the general consensus is that it's just a phase.
I've been told that he'll move onto the next phase and I'll be wishing he'd just go back to throwing food.
I'm so not seeing that wish in my future!

I've tried every method I can think of.
Ignoring it.
Firmly telling baby boo boo that it's not ok to throw food.
Removing the tray from his high chair and taking him out.

Really, nothing seems to work.
He likes to throw food! But why?!

So, I'm calling out to all mommy's
{any one for that matter!}
who knows how to end the food throwing cycle
I'm in need of some new ideas

I happen to have a feeling that I may just have to wait this one out.
Good thing he has a pretty cute messy face

On a brighter note, I did order a super cute pair of brown boots today!!
I've been drooling over them for several months now, and today they were shipped from Tennessee!
{after the nice shoe salesman spent hours, literally, on the phone with several stores in New York}

I can't wait for them to get here!
I hope I like them once they're on!! :S


This Military Mama said...

I remember this stage. It was awful! I feel for you!

After awhile I wouldn't let my daughter have utensils or sloppy food. I would sit next to her and hand her one little item at a time. Like grapes, banana slices, graham crackers, ect. And when she finished eating that item she got another. If she took her time I would get up and do things and leave the plate full of food on the table where she can't reach it but could see it. If she was really hungry she would cry out for me to come back.

Eventually I would give her two things, or let her "help" feed her self with a spoon all with a firm warning of no throwing or she can't help any more. If she threw I would take it back a step and feed her one at a time again and just stare at her to make sure she didn't throw it.

I will say I wonder if I should have let her have her throw it phase cause it took her a looooooong time to eat on her own with out "help" from mommy. Either cause she was lazy and let me do it or cause she just didn't have enough practice, I don't know.

Good luck though!!!

AlexandraRose said...

Good morning!
Thank you for your tips, I appreciate the advice! We've actually tried to stop letting him have his plate on his high chair tray, but since he's so use to being able to feed himself, that didn't go over too well :)
Thanks for following my blog..I'm looking forward to hearing your advice!

dall said...

love the boots!! where are they from?

AlexandraRose said...

Thanks! I actually got them in the mail and they are too big, so I'm on the hunt for another pair of super cute brown boots :( They are Lucky brand boots and I ordered mine from Macy's (that's where they're cheapest) but they're online too! :)

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