February 20, 2011

Buying Organic {The Dirty Dozen}

Buying organic
Who wouldn't want to buy organic?
pesticide and chemical free, safe for your family
But it does come at a higher price.
Ever since I became a mommy
providing my baby with the best food possible became a priority
So, it came down to this
is buying organic worth the added cost?
And honestly, I had no idea!
{it can get a little expensive!}
And so I did what I always do when I need information...
I googled it!
and I found this amazing website!

They've broken fresh fruits and veggies down into two groups
"The Dirty Dozen"
{foods that still have pesticides even after being washed - worth buying organically}
and "Non-Organic Foods"
 {foods that are safe to buy non organically}

The part I cared about most was "The Dirty Dozen"
Here is a list of foods that should be purchased organically
{when possible, of course}

Bell Peppers

This website also recommends a program called "farm fresh to you"
This is where the customer provides cash upfront
to a local farmer
The farmer then uses the cash
 to purchase seeds and other materials needed to produce the crops

As each variety of produce comes into season
the farmer will deliver a box of fresh produce to the customer
throughout the entire farming season!
How cool is that?!
I'm looking into local farms to see if any farmers in our area provide this service
I'll let you know what I find out!

And, because I can
And, because he's cute
Here are some baby boo boo pictures :)

Looking forward to some more spring-ish weather!


Andrea said...

yay for organic mommies!!!

Kyndale said...

This is kind of what I do! I have Free Range Chickens that only eat natural and organic food. So that way i know exactly what is in my eggs. The I sell them to friends and family for 2.00 a dozen. Then during the gardening months people who want veggies and i know ahead of time I plant enough and give them fruit and veggies. It doesn't cost any extra to throw a few more seeds down and I grow mine all organically and Squash and potatoes will last almost a whole year if stored right. and I take all my other veggies and can then I can everything from Salsa, to tomato sauce, to green beans, to Jams to pears! Then I freeze cut up bell peppers, peas and corn. Its a ton of fun and during the summer I work my but off so I can have organic fruit and veggies all year! It took me a few years to get the hang of it. so hopefully this year it all pays off! Let me know if you need any help it is so worth it!!!!

Tyler and Aubrey said...

hey Alex, you should look up a "CSA" in your area. We are doing one this year and I'm really excited!

AlexandraRose said...

Thanks for the information girls! Kyndale...you're amazing...that's all I can say! And Aubrey, thank you so much for the website! I wasn't exactly sure how to find out about programs like that, so I appreciate it! :)

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