February 21, 2011

New Blog Design!

Have you checked out my new blog design?!
Well, if you're reading this
{I suppose you have}

My uber talented, super crafty, computer tech-y
Wonderful Mother In Law

Created and designed my entire blog header!
Not to mention new buisness cards, fabric labels and stickers
{more on that later}
I'm so thankful & appreciative of all of her hard work!
I LOVE the look of my new blog!
check out just how crafty she is by visiting her blog!

The only thing left to update is my menu bar
{check back, because it's coming soon}

While Darcie and I
{Well, mostly Darcie}
were inside, creating away,
Papa Dan, Daddy and Baby Boo Boo
Played outside
Zaiah LOVES the swing at Gaga and Papa's house

So glad the sun decided to pop out for a little bit yesterday!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

oh alex these pics are so cute and i think this is the first time his little teeth got in the picture!!!!!! xoxoxoxooxox
yes do love the new design although i loved the other one as well!

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