February 11, 2011


I'm tired.
Annoyed {most likely due to the fact I was on hold FOREVER with our mortgage company trying to get our tax info, only to be told by an automated recording that I would need to hang up and call again}.
And just down right grumpy! Yes, that's right.
Today, I am a grumpus-rumpus!

I've had an interesting few weeks...I just feel "off"
Like I'm a half step behind from where I should be...I keep thinking I'll catch up, but it hasn't happened quite yet.
{I say this like there's hope of catching up}

My baby boo boo has gone to school 3 times in jammies {complete with bedhead}
I spilled nearly half a container of vanilla rice milk both in my diaper bag and in my car
{because it was a genius idea to put an open container of rice milk in my diaper bag in the first place, right?}
I've left my house unlocked the past two days while I've been gone
{shhh, don't tell my hubby!}
because I can't seem to find my house key
My sweet hubby is working so much I've barely seen him these last few weeks
 {but I appreciate all his hard work}
I keep staying up way past my bedtime, and Isaiah thought it would be a good idea to wake up at 3:45am last week...

I've been feeling overwhelmed and stressed in general anyway. So much to do, so much to keep track of and keep up with. Sometimes I feel like I'm running a marathon
{ha, if that were even remotely possible!}
and I have no idea where the finish line is.
 I think I'm exhausted.

And then, I sat down to have dinner with my sweet baby big boy, and he does this:

waves his olive-y hand at me...

and uses mommy's strainer as a hat...

and all I can do is smile :)

I can't help but reflect on what a grump I'm being, and how bad my attitude can be sometimes.

I realize how truly blessed I am
How incredibly lucky I am
to have so much love and happiness in my life

So what if I send my child to school with crazy hair and jammies?
So what if my car door makes a squeaky sticky sound when it opens due to spilled milk?
Life is too precious and too short...there are more important things for me to focus on.

Though I'm a little annoyed at feeling "off", I have so very much to be thankful for, and no time to waste being a grumpus-rumpus.

Ahhhh...I'm feeling better already!
Funny how it helps to just get that out :)


Anonymous said...

Sometimes YOU take the words right out of MY mouth! I've been pretty "off" lately too..I've even considered quiting my job because I just can't seem to make anyone happy! Bleh..oh well, at least our little boy's make every big frustration seem so small!

P.s. We're hard workin mamas! We deserve to have a Grumpy day every now and then! :)
-Kim Mc

AlexandraRose said...

I'm so glad you can relate! Mommy's gotta stick together :)

I'm sorry you're having a rough day, but you're right...we're entitled to have one every now and then! I hope you start to feel more appreciated soon, I'm sure all your clients would be sad if you left! :)

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