February 10, 2011

Sunshine {makes me happy!}

Ok, second week of February and waking up to beautiful sun-shiny skies is so amazing! Something about nice sunny weather is so refreshing and motivating...I just want to be outside! Saying I'm ready for spring
{and all of it's glorious sunny weather}
would be an understatement.

We've already taken baby boo boo on a few park play dates and had so much fun!

one of our first trips to the park this year!

baby boo boo threw the duckies some popcorn!

but today we brought them some yummy bread instead
{you know, ducks need variety}

and this is what happens if you take your baby to the park before giving him a snack :)
{in case you're panicked, we used mold-free bread :)}

my big boy went down the slide all by himself {proud mommy}

he's such an observant people watcher...

he must get it from his mommy :)

We had so much fun playing outside - I can't wait for spring to make it's
permanent return
{I'm actually not sure if that even happens in southern Oregon}

1 comment:

Devon Trigg said...

Super cute. I'm diggin' the hawk!

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