February 26, 2011

Is this what I signed up for?!

As the mommy of a busy baby boy
I knew I'd be in for some crazy adventures.

Since I'm an only child
and have not experienced the joy of being around young boys much,
my sweet hubby tried to 'warn' me about all of the
'boy things' I should be prepared for as the mommy of a baby boy.
Ok, I can deal with touching bugs
{really, touching everything}
 picking things up off the ground
and maybe even
 touching the garbage can 
Ok, maybe I'm not, but I'm working on it, people!

But when I saw these pictures I couldn't stop laughing!
Is this seriously what I'm in for?!
{I don't doubt it}

Looks like it's time to sit back,
and enjoy the ride of having a baby boy

Oh and for the record,
these images were sent to me in an email and I have NO idea who they belong to.
If anyone knows, please tell me!
I like to give credit where credit is due!

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