February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day {boo boo's sick}

Happy Valentine's Day!
{I stayed home today with a sick boo}
It was wonderful...shhhh don't tell!

We had a movie marathon
Toy story 3, Finding Nemo and KungFu Panda
We cuddled on the couch
We played with blocks
We stayed in comfy clothes all day

Isaiah even made a few snot bubbles :)
And for someone with a 101.2 degree fever
my sweet boy was in such a good mood!
{I'm such a lucky mommy}

Baby boo boo's diet consisted of
Graham crackers, chocolate and noodles with butter and parmesan
All the components needed to be nursed back to health
{hopefully it worked and he'll be feeling better tomorrow :)}

We celebrated Valentine's day last night
since the hubby is working tonight.
We had heart shaped pizza and bread sticks
and heart shaped shortbread
A perfect evening with my two valentines

can you take a wild guess at what movie we were watching?

Hope you had a wonderful day
{filled with love!}

1 comment:

{just.lovely.things} said...

Nothing says happy valentines like snot bubbles!

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