August 10, 2011

Wordless {ish} Wednesday

"Mom! Rowee poeee! Awe, hi mister rowee powee!"
He's precious and sometimes I don't even feel like I deserve such a wonderful and amazing little person in my life. But he's mine :)

Oh, and can we not talk about the fact that I'm now 'mom' at least 1/2 the time?!
I'm still mommy for at least another year...or 5. Thankyouverymuch.

I'm linking up with these momma's:

Oh, and if you want to make me smile {almost} as much as Zaiah, vote for us here!


Sierra said...

that's so funny! it bugs me when gavin says mom too! I correct him and say, no, it's mommy! :)

Dani said...

ohhhh no! you'll become mommy again...I'm 27 and still call my mom mommy! ha

Mallorie Owens said...

AWW he is precious! Such a little cutie :)

Karima said...

Wow, this is my second blog hop in a row where I am confronted with bugs, haha! I really don't like bugs, but my son adores them. Now google following you, would love if you could pop by and maybe even follow me too, Karima x

Brandi said...

So cute!! Emma loves those things, we have made a little "house" for them because she finds so many, oh and he'll still call you mommy especially when he really want's something!

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