August 28, 2011

Some Thoughts {and a giveaway winner!}

Source: via Alex on Pinterest

I've been doing lots of thinking lately,
and it's made me come full circle.

What does blogging mean to me?
Why do I do it?
What would I like to share with my readers?
Does this blog hold a greater purpose?

So, now I'm back to the place where I was when I started this blog.

What is my voice, and what do I want to blog about?

I started this blog as a way to promote my shop, and my handmade items, and it seemed really natural to include things about my hubby and son.
I started posting tutorials and DIY projects, as well as recipes and it was so fun to share the things I was making!
I was SO excited when I was first contacted to host a giveaway for a handmade shop!

However, now I feel like my blog has turned into a journal.
A way for me to document life {mostly Isaiah's} and I don't think that's what I ever intended this blog to be about.

I've heard lots of bloggers say it's so important to 'find your voice'
and I don't think I've ever tried to be someone other than myself,
but I'm ready for my blog to change.

I still plan to post lots of recipes and DIY projects,
and bring you giveaways from amazing handmade shops,
and {who am I kidding} there will still be updates on Hubby and Zaiah.

I also want this to be a really inspiring, motivational and encouraging place.
I want to have important conversations,
and challenge people to be the very best they can be.

I want to challenge myself to be the very best I can be.
And I want to take that step here, on my blog, with all of you.

So I dare you to stick around for this adventure.
I don't exactly know what it's going to look like, but it's going to be great.

{whoa, that ended up being kinda deep :)}

Moving on to more lighthearted things...
We have a winner from The Shine Project giveaway!

True Random Number Generator
Congratulations Heather!

i follow shine project on facebook under my business page!

And, since you're my hair stylist, photographer, and {just.lovely.things} goodie maker, I don't really need you to email me :)

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


Leslee Heater said...

I know you already inspire so many people (like me!) And cannot wait to see your blog evolve into more than it already is. So proud of you :)

Amanda said...

I love reading your inspiring posts! I'm looking forward to many more to come!

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