February 8, 2012

For The Health Of It {in photos}

I love food.
There, I said it.
{In case anyone didn't already know this little tid bit about me}

So, I've run into a little issue. I've gained 8 pounds. EIGHT pounds, people.
While I was going through everything I was also eating everything. Turns out, the holidays are a super convenient time to find junk food.

Anyway, I'm ready to get rid of it.
In the past I've been able to cut back for a few days, be disciplined and then the weight comes right off.
Well, not this time. I can't even get to the 'be disciplined' part because I'm too busy eating.

I've tried tracking my food and calories through my fitness pal, but it hasn't worked. So, I thought about doing an online program like weight watchers.

The thing both of these have in common? Measuring out/weighing/knowing how many calories are in EVERYTHING you eat.

Let's just be honest, I'm having a hard time putting down the peanut butter and pretzels....how am I supposed to track every single calorie?!

So, my compromise? Pictures. Yep.
Instead of making a food log, or measuring everything out, I'm just going to take a quick cell phone picture of everything I eat. I don't take a picture of it, I don't eat it. Good enough in theory, right? I don't plan to go all crazy and deprive myself, just looking to get a little self control back. If I want a treat, I'm going to have one...just not 61984.

Until then,  you can look forward to daily posts including all the food I've eaten.
Exciting, I know.

Here's to kissing these 8 pounds{and maybe even a few more} goodbye!
If any of you have fitness tips & tricks, healthy recipes or anything along those lines I'd love to hear from you! alex.heater@hotmail.com It would be super fun to do some fitness features on the blog!

Let's get started with what I ate today:

Breakfast: Green Smoothie

Mid-Morning Snack: grapes and strawberries 

Lunch: peanut butter lara bar and an apple

Afternoon Snack: carrot sticks and sugar snap peas with tatziki dip

Dinner: 1/2 a small spaghetti squash with veggie-packed sauce and salad

I finished things up with a mug of hot chocolate and a rolo :)

Confession: I did have about 5 pretzels and a little bit of peanut butter {ugh, why is that so good?!} in between lunch and my afternoon snack. Really, that's a vast improvement from yesterday. Hey, Rome wasn't built in a day!

On to tomorrow!

1 comment:

Kiersten said...

I like this idea!
I'm terrible about making myself go to the gym - it's always at the end of the night, as I'm in bed about to fall asleep that I say to myself "I'll go tomorrow!". And of course, I never do.
Maybe I'll try something like this!!

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