February 11, 2012

For The Health Of It {photo food log day 4}

Today was lots of fun...I love the weekends.
I didn't do pilates, and I didn't have breakfast,
but I did start the day with a warm cup of chai :)

Isaiah's friend had a birthday party today {so fun!} and I had a slice of cheese pizza and some peanut butter filled pretzels - right up my alley - for lunch.
I'm sure I had at least double that amount of pretzels...they're soooo good!

I also finished off Isaiah's chocolate pudding and had a few gummy worms too :)

We came home and let Isaiah take his nap.
Hubby and I did some organizing and when Isaiah woke up we headed out for a walk!
We all took an apple on the way out the door.

We walked a little over 3 1/2 miles and stopped at an elementary school so Isaiah could play.
I whipped up a gigantic salad with a black bean burger on top and it totally hit the spot!

Hubby and I are about to curl up and watch a movie.
A lovely Saturday indeed.

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