February 8, 2012

Valentine's Day In A Mason Jar

I was pretty excited to incorporate mason jars into this years Valentines festivities.
And, I have a thing for chocolate covered pretzels.
Let's be honest, the way to my heart is via salty and sweet.

Give your Valentine some home made love this year.

For this tutorial you'll need:
melted milk chocolate
colored melting chocolates {I used pink and white}
sprinkles - optional
wax paper - makes clean up easier
 mason jars
scrapbook paper/doilies
pearl embellishments/bakers twine/ribbon

Melt down the milk chocolate pieces. Hold on to the bottom 'loop' and dip the pretzels. Let some of the excess chocolate drip off and then lay it on a piece of wax paper.
Repeat a zillion times.

Next, melt down your first color of melting chocolate.

Dip a fork in the melted chocolate and drizzle it over the pretzels.

Do the same thing with the second color until you can see both colors over the chocolate.

Once the chocolates have dried, pull each pretzel up and break off all of the random stiff pieces using your fingers.

You'll have a pretty little pile of chocolaty covered pretzels when you're done!
{you  may want to eat about 3...or 57 of these at this point. I know I did}

Since I had leftover of the pink and white, I decided to dip some more pretzels and sprinkle them with some little hearts.

For decorating the jar, I cut a doily and piece of scrapbook paper into a heart shape...

And scavenged up some fake pearls {from the $1 bin at JoAnn's} to embellish the jar.

I traced the inside of the mason lid to make a circle on some scrapbook paper.

Wrote a little love note and then screwed on the rim.

Fill the jar with pretzels and hot glue the doily and paper heart on. Tie the pearl strand in a knot, and you're done!

I made a few variations and I'm happy with the way they all turned out!
A cute way to spread some Valentines cheer.
{along with a good excuse for some chocolate covered pretzels}

I'm in.

1 comment:

Jamie said...

this idea is so cute! love it, and will totally do this for Lj's teachers!

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