February 6, 2012

Our Week - My Phone Came Back From The Dead!

This is a little late.
But if you follow me on facebook, you already know that my new iphone  took a swim...
...in the toilet.
{and no, my toddler is not to blame}

Well, after 3 full days in a bag of rice, I think my phone may have come back from the dead.
Insert jumping up and down, cheering and an ear-to-ear smile.

Note to self: do NOT put your phone in your back pocket before going to the bathroom.

Anyway, on to our week!

Ever have one of those days where dry shampoo saves your life?
I have one at least every week.

Baked donut holes...easy and soooo yummy!

Apparently, it was a good play date...didn't even make it home awake.

Avocado and tomato sandwich for dinner!

Homemade Valentine treats! Tutorial here.

Shaving. We're starting him young.

A little electric guitar.

Roasted veggies and parmesan over quinoa!

The most amazing magnetic blocks ever.

National wear read day!

An uh-may-zing sunrise. The picture doesn't even do it justice.

Feeding the duckies!

We attracted a pretty good crowd. What can I say, we know what the ducks like :)

  My sweet boy.

And his best buddy.

Monkey bar master!

A gorgeous day at the park.

Shortly after we got home from our park adventure is when I decided to teach my phone how to swim.

Hoping hubby gets home soon so we can go figure out the final verdict as to if my phone is alive or not.
I'm really hoping it is.

I'm linking up with a good life.

1 comment:

Jes said...

I LOVE avocado on my sandwiches. Well actually anything for that matter :) What a cute little family you have.

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