July 1, 2011

Living In Yellow {Guest Post}

Happy Friday my lovelies!
I can't belive today is the last day of our vacation
and that we'll be heading home tomorrow!

Today's guest blogger is my very newest
{is that a word?!}
bloggy buddy
and I already love her dearly.

If you want a good laugh, head over to her blog.
You won't be disappointed,
for reals.

here's Erin!!

Hello to all you pretty little ladies
 {and all you handsome gents that I am sure are "secretly" reading ;)}
I am so excited to be over here today.
My name is Erin and I come from Living In Yellow.

To learn more about me click here.
The real reason I am here today is to teach you a lesson:
You may be craftier than you think.
You see-there is not a crafty bone that exists in my body {or so I thought}.
I have a lot of bones that enjoy purchasing items already made-laying in the sun-and drinking a good glass of wine-but none that like to "make" things.
Until now.
I have been blessed with a sister and friends who have those 
"I can make anything and make it look cute" genes.  
They have talent-they understand how to use a needle and thread-
and they certainly know not to touch the end of a plugged in hot glue gun.
This same sister and friends have decided to start hosting "Craft Nights" every so often, and if you know me...you know I don't like to miss out on a party.
So I've been going.
And I've been crafting.
And somehow, someway, I have been able to create these three masterpieces
{or something of that sort}:

For information on how to make the following:
click here {spring wreath}
here {mossy letter}
and here {nest necklace}.
All of which were much easier than I thought, didn't take excruciating amounts of time, and actually brought me a sense of fulfillment as I finished them.
So whether you are a craft inspirer or inspiree-
keep challenging yourself-
try new things-
and consider doing so amongst a group of friends.
What is better than girl time, a bunch of scrap pieces of fabric, cookies, and a bottle of wine?
That's what =)
Side Note: Please tell your husband that you have to water your mossy letter daily in order for it to survive. You will be amazed at how big his eyeballs get and how fast his jaw hits the floor.
Definitely the highlight of the craft ;)
Crazy man still does not realize that if it requires attention, it does not belong in our household.
..And just for the record-No, the mossy letter does not require water ;)
Welp kiddos, that's all I've got for ya today.
Thank you Alex for allowing me to share with your amazing readers.
You are all gems.
And hey-come check me out...I'd love to have ya :)
Happy Weekend Beauties!


Sierra said...

oooh, i am so gonna make me a necklace this weekend! thanks!

Erin said...

Auww, that was so sweet of you =) It was such a pleasure to be on your blog here today..and an honor as well! Hope you are having so much fun..can't wait to see some pictures! We love Sarasota and Siesta Key! Happy 4th love!


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