July 28, 2011

Awkward & Awesome

Yet again, the time has come for me to share more embarrassing moments from the past week...
it's ok...at least the awkward ones make up for it...

Let's get right to it!


This eclectic, multi-colored, wind chime hanging, light stringing {with a flamingo on the the hood} bus,
 that was selling:
fish?! Really?
clearly, the bus is awesome, but fish...
{oh, and random side note...my childhood house - that I lived in for 17 years - is down that road...hummm}

Having my son throw his worst tantrum yet because I threw away his poopy diaper. He cried, kicked and screamed poo-poo, poo-poo for an entire 30 minutes. That's a long time, people.
{please tell me I'm not a bad mom for actually throwing it away...}

Having a son with the loudest, um, toots? I can't tell you how many places we've been this week where Isaiah decided it would be a good time to let one out and they are LOOOOUUUUD! And I'm just sure that when I said, oh, Isaiah, say excuse me, people were like, right lady...that was totally you.

How the majority of my awkwardness this week can be attributed to my son...ahhh, true mommyhood.


Baby boo boo's swim class...

even if he wouldn't smile for me.

Pacific Northwest {Hey! That's me!} blogger's meet up!

Hells yes for something going on in this part of the country :)

More specifically, the fact that we're leaving tomorrow and taking a weekend trip to a waterpark!
Bring on the sunshine and family time.

What about you, how was your week?!
What was awkward, and what was awesome??


Cerrisse said...

How funny! I have had similar moments with my little guy!

Cassie said...

This made me laugh! & No your not a bad mom for throwing away the poopy diaper! =D

Jamie said...

haha! it is awkward with kids... i wrote about it too!


Amanda Joy said...

So not wrong to throw away a poopy diaper. My 2 year old freaked out because I blew her eyelash off my finger and she wanted it back. Kids are too funny:)

Just Jinny said...

You sound like me about the truck. When we went to Hawaii last year my friend told me that if I saw the truck parked on the side of the road selling shrimp we HAD to stop and get some. I was VERY leery.

But..sure enough..we came across the truck on the side of the road selling shrimp. I just had to try it out..and it was DELISH!

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