July 21, 2011

Awkward & Awesome {and a giveaway winner!}

Happy Thursday!
Ok, lot's has happened this week, and this post is chock-full of info
{so read carefully :)}

First, let's start with some pictures from the absolutely amazing
Sara Bareilles concert I had the privilege of attending last night
{clearly, this is an awesome}

were the opening acts, and wonderful, as well :)

On to other awesome things:
LOTS of new things in the shop!
Like these:

and this:

you have can enter for the chance to win a
$20 shop credit to Alexandra Rose
over at Amy's blog.

We like Amy...so go visit her.

Now for the Awkward:

Having the sudden urge to get out of bed at 11:45 pm to clean your ears...

Having a bird fly into my studio {yes, while I was in it!} and then having another bird {on a different day!} fly into my house! Not sure what I ever did to the bird species, but they are clearly seeking revenge. I swear, I have not moved so fast or screamed so loud in quite some time.

Giving my 22 month old son a banana in the car on the way to swim class. Definitely not my brightest idea ever.

Changing a poopy...and I mean POOPY diaper in the front seat of my car 3times in one week.
Yeah, beat that record.
Apparently, Isaiah has impeccable timing when it comes to poo.

And, for the winner of the UPrinting giveaway

True Random Number Generator

Congratulations Britton!

Britton said...

I am now a follower of Giveaway Blogs on facebook!


Lindsay said...

CAN I tell you how jealous I am! LOVE HER!

Britton said...

Thank you so much for the giveaway! I am excited to win and create something cute with Uprinting!! Happy Friday!!

Amanda said...

Isn't she awesome in concert!? Love all the pics you took!

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