July 13, 2011

Tissue Paper PomPom {a tutorial}

A super easy post,
about a super easy craft...

right up my alley :)

I've seen these tissue paper poms every where,
and before I learned to make my own, I'm sure I would've paid a ridiculous amount for one.

But, fear not!
I'm here to help you get your craft on,
and save some moolah!

Let's get started!

tissue paper {3 packs make 2 poms}
florist wire
fishing line

The pictures are pretty self explanatory
{minus the part where I switched 2 steps around}
  • you need 1 1/2 packs of tissue paper to make 1 pompom.
  • line all the papers up together and start folding like an accordion.
  • use the florist wire to wrap around the middle of the tissue paper and make a loop
  • one piece of tissue paper at a time, start to pull the layers apart to make a 'fluffy' pom
  • once you have your pom 'fluffed' attach the fishing line to the florist wire loop
  • hang and admire!
I especially love these as outdoor decorations...they add something special and look so whimsical.

So go make one...


Crystelle Chic said...

I made like 20 of these in different sizes for my daughter's 3rd birthday last year. They are still hanging on our back porch in relatively great shape. Every once in a while I see a hummingbird looking for food in them. Definitely a better tutorial than the one I found. I love the picture story.

Whitney said...

Thank you for the tutorial - I love it!!!!


Natassia said...

I was just thinking I need to find a tutorial for his for an up coming birthday! Awesome! Thanks!!

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