July 13, 2011

Happy Birthday

You can look forward to
a new tutorial later,
but for now,
you can enjoy this scrumptious mini-clip
of my sweet baby boy singing happy birthday to random items

{you can thank my i phone for the amazing clarity of this video ;)}

In case you need help deciphering:
"backabee ball" means basket ball

Oh, and don't mind hubby in the background taking a nap...it was Sunday afternoon...whaddya expect?

AND! If you're impressed with my sons singing skills {which I know you are}
you can vote for us here. Votes improve our singing voices...true story.


{just.lovely.things} said...

I bet Mark is soooooo proud that he sang to all of the sports equipment he could think of ;p

Anonymous said...

just so very very cute alex!!! we love watching this so much! he is so generous to wish all his sports balls a happy birthday xoxoxo

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