July 20, 2011

A Sticky Schweenie Poo {and magnet love}

If you had a schweenie poo named Lenny,
who got stuck to fly paper at your parents house,
and then had to take a vaseline bath to get the 'sticky' out,
he would look like this:

Hoping after a few more baths and baby powder-ings,
he'll be back to his normal, fluffy self :)

{photo by Heather, of House of James Photography}

I'm also super excited to announce
that there's a new item in the shop!
Let's take a peeksie, shall we?

These little cuties are perfect for everything from organizing your office, to hanging as decor on the refrigerator!

Each listing is for a set of 3 glass marble magnets.
Each marble is about 1" in size.

Backs are finished and extremely strong.

Plus, they come gift wrapped...perfect for gift giving, or keeping for yourself!

And, the best news yet?!
These babies are now available in the shop,
so check 'em out now!


chelsea {joy} said...

#1 your puppy is absolutely precious...i want one :) and #2 i love your magnets. so cute!!! :)

Brandi said...

He is adorable! I think I've told you at least a million times, does he shed? We want another dog that is on the small side and doesn't shed.. He sure is handsome :)

Natalie @ NS Pottery said...

So CUTE!!! I could just squeeze him in that last "fluffy" photo! :)

Mindy Harris said...

cute magnets!! yay!

Rebecca said...

Poor little guy! My Pom had a serious haircut from the groomer's recently due to several flypaper-like accidents :) I linked my pet story up with The Shine Project today too!

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