July 10, 2011

Weekend Recap {in cell phone pics}

We're having some beautiful weather here in Southern Oregon,
and this weekend, we took full advantage of being outside and enjoying it!

Saturday, we went to the Illinois river
{nope, it's not in Illinois...well, maybe they have one too}
which meant lots of throwing rocks, splashing in the water and eating squished pb&j
 - little secret...I like 'em better when they're squished -

And today,
we headed to the
Applegate Valley Lavender Farm
for their annual lavender festival!

We're talking all things lavender...
teddy bears,
eye packs,
and the most amazing lemon lavender shortbread cookies
{though I only had two teeny ones because hubby ate the rest of the bag}
 No, I'm not bitter. Ok, maybe a little

Regardless, it was absolutely beautiful.

{Lenny got to come along, too :)}

It was such a lovely weekend
summer...don't ever be over.

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Lindsay said...

WOW such gorgeous photos...definitely OR!

the lowes said...

ive never heard of anything like that - so fun!!!!! love all your pics. :)

-Kasey said...

When I think of Lavender, I think of lotions, sprays and all things 'bath and body'... I can't imagine what a lavender cookie tastes like, but part of me bet's it was super delicious!

Great photos! :)

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