June 10, 2011

Potty Practice {and a favor...please...}

I would just like to let all of you know,
that Isaiah sat right here, on his froggy potty,
for a solid 10 minutes and did not pee.

And then, approximately .056 seconds after getting up from said potty,
Zaiah found his way into our bedroom and peed on the rug...
I mean, why waste a good pee on the hard wood floor.
{I'm convinced he aimed}

If you follow me on facebook,
then you've heard about lots of the shenanigans that go on at this house...
so become a fan, because, hey, shenanigans are fun, right?

Also, a huge announcement...
top baby blogs has reset their vote counts!

Know what that means for me?
I actually have a chance at being a rated blog - yippee!

Know what that means for you?
You can make me suuuuuuppppper happy
{I might even jump up and down}
if you vote!

Click on the banner below, or the square over to the side, please!

Thank you for your vote...they all count!
{and it only takes a second, like, literally}

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