June 22, 2011

Have I Told You??

That I'm stinkin' busy?
Here's what we've been up to for the last few days...

We played outside and ate goldfish..

 And then had water 'cause they make you thirsty.

Lounged in they yard with our buddies...

And watched Daddy's softball game.


Zaiah got his first official haircut
{though I've given him about 127 myself}
the salon haircut proved to be worth it!
And because he was such a good, and handsome, boy
{and because I'm a total pushover}
Isaiah had his first ice cream cone.

Oh, and I also haven't told you that tonight,
I'm seeing him

{Ray Lamontagne}

And, in 3 days,
I'll be here:

Ahhh, vacation is calling my name.
But it's not calling hubby's :(

Unfortunately, this trip will be Me, Zaiah and Na-Na
Hubby will be holdin' down the fort
{doing all sorts of manly things, I'm sure}
While we head to Sarasota to visit family and take a mini-vacation.

I'm super excited to go, but not excited about a full day of travel with a busy 21 month old...

The next few days will be spent loading apps on the i touch
doing laundry
making, and re-making lists
cleaning my house
and attempting to be as prepared as possible.

I'm a little stressed.
{but we'll make it}

wanna help de-stress me? click this link, and then the owl to the left.


Anonymous said...

your days look alot like mine!!!

have a great time on your tropical vaca!!

Natalie @ NS Pottery said...

Ahhh, I LOVE Sarasota! Can I come with you? :)

Lindsay said...

We are living similar lives these days :) Packing is NO FUN :/

Baby Favors said...

Seems you have spend God time!

Changing Lanes said...

totally jealous on the "ray" note. :)

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