June 17, 2011

Awkward & Awesome {what day is it anyway?}

Apparently, after only 2 days of summer vacation,
I've lost all track of time and can't remember what day it is.
{turns out, it's not that hard to do}

Yes, I'm aware that it's technically awkward and awesome Thursday,
but I'm also fully aware that my life is both awkward and awesome on any given day.
Plus, I'm not a big fan of technicalities.
So here you have it...


Although we have a teeny puppy, we still decided to buy dog food from Costco.
{it's seriously a lifetime supply}
Anyway, I carried the gigantic bag of food from the car and into the house. I squatted to set the bag down, and my pants ripped right up the crack.
Like, the entire crack.

I took Isaiah to a new park and showed him how to climb up to the slide. He wanted to go down by himself {surprise, surprise}
and so after he went down I needed to slide down.
All of a sudden a little boy comes out of no where and yells "I'll go down with you!"
as he proceeds to jump on and cling to me like a monkey, all while grabbing on to my left boob.
{which he continued to hold all the way down the slide}

The fact that our house basically turns into a drive in theatre each night because our neighbors watch their television sooo incredibly loud.
{mind you, they also had the police called on them for an obnoxiously loud Christmas decoration}


Summer vacation!
Park play dates,
lots of walks
and sunshine!

Playing dress up with my sweet baby...he loves daddy's glasses and mommy's shoes.

The fact that I'll be seeing Ray Lamontagne live at Britt in T minus 5 days. Eeeeep!
{soooo excited}

Hope you had a wonderful week...no matter how awkward, or awesome :)

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Erin said...

Haha, I love your post...especially about your neighbors Christmas decorations. How I would love to hear those =) Have a wonderful weekend!!

Copper Diem said...

Love your post - esp the slide story. too funny!!

Jacqueline said...

hahaha oh those awkward moments are certainly what make life fun and interesting, huh?!

have a fabulous week, girl!

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