April 8, 2011

My Newest Fab Friday Find...

I realize it's late,
but it's still Friday,
and this is my blog,
so it's ok.

And, instead of showing you several fabulous finds,
this week, I want to focus on one super amazing fabulous find...
this etsy shop

{shameless confession}
this uber talented woman just so happens to be my mother in law...
I know, how lucky am I?!

Here are a few of my favorite pieces from her new etsy shop:
Sterling silver owl and tree necklace

Sterling silver custom crest necklace

Sterling silver peace on earth necklace
{love this one!}

and my personal favorite,
the monogrammed necklace that belongs to me :)
{with an I for my sweet Isaiah}

 this isn't the best picture ever,
but this necklace is so special to my heart.
It was such a wonderful, thoughtful and special gift...
I will treasure it forever.

I personally think that the the monogrammed necklace would make a wonderful push present
*take note hubby: please remember this for baby number 2*
{not that baby number 2 has even been created yet...I'm just sayin'}

So head on over to her shop
and buy one...or two, or seven.

Oh, what's that?
You'd like a chance to win one of these lovelies?
Well you're in luck,
because Darcie is hosting a giveaway over at her blog!
Head over there now for about a zillion ways to enter!

I hope you all had a fabulous Friday!


Toasy.Rose said...

Those are darling :) I love the owl and tree and of course love the monogrammed one!

{just.lovely.things} said...

my mil is crazy lol you are lucky to have her =) lets not have my hubs or mil see this k!

AlexandraRose said...

This is only a super small tase of what she does and I can't wait for her shop to expand! Heather, you always make me laugh...I guess I got lucky in the 'in-law' pool! :)

Lauren said...

I must have the owl necklace!

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