April 26, 2011

Guest Blogger {And How Nick Jr. Saved Her Life}

Hi guys!
I'm sure you remember Jesse.
She hosted the Sugar and Spice giveaway last week!

Here she is!

{gorgeous, huh?!}

So, you already know she's an amazingly creative jewelry maker,
but what you may not know,
is that she is a wonderful and hilarious momma.

Here are her little ones

How cute are they?!

Today, she's here to share a glimpse into her life of mommyhood
{and can I just say, I totally relate?!}

Take it away, Jesse!

We’ve all heard of them… mom’s who don’t allow their children to watch T.V. Perhaps you know a few? Or maybe you are one? And if so, more power to you!  But, I am not one of “those mom’s”.  Oh, I had every intention of being one… I mean, God forbid my precious daughter Sophie’s highly intelligent brain instantaneously turn to mush the second I hit that power button! Too big of a risk to take, right? So, for the first year and a half of my little ones life, she didn’t watch T.V.  

She had, of course, been around television when my husband or I were watching something, but she was never placed in front of it as a means of entertainment and it was never set to a channel that would have remotely been of any interest to her. So, she paid it no attention and rather, kept herself busy with books and toys. This worked out quite well for our little family, until…. one fateful Easter Sunday, when my daughter was just 18 months old and I found out….. I was pregnant.  

Yes, bold, italicized, underlined.. pregnant! As you can most likely tell, this pregnancy was unexpected and shocking and my husband and I were terrified! But, that’s another story ;)

Anyway, after getting over the initial disbelief of seeing those 2 pink lines on that little white stick, life resumed to normal… until, it hit.. morning sickness. Why they call it morning sickness, I do not know, because I had all day sickness. We’re talking nausea, vomiting, migraines, the whole enchilada. Granted, it would let up every once in awhile, but would then strike again, holding me captive on the bathroom floor, hovering over the toilet, wondering how in the world I could possibly throw up again. 

Now, being mother to an almost two year old is hard enough without feeling like you are going to toss cookies every 5 minutes and by the time I would get home from a full day of work, I would be so sick and so tired that I hardly had enough energy to climb up my front steps and open the door, let alone have enough energy to comply with the demands of a toddler!

As previously stated, my little girl is great at entertaining herself (for the most part), but she is LOUD when she plays and in constant need of affirmation that she is amazing.  So, though I would lie down immediately upon coming home in the hopes of getting some much needed rest, my attempts were futile. Seriously… you try taking a nap with a small child standing at your bedside, inches away from your face yelling, “Mama, Mama!”, every time she builds a tower, or colors a picture, or sees the cat, or puts on a bracelet, or spots  something on the floor that the vacuum didn’t pick up (I’m pretty sure she’s OCD).  This, coupled with the medley of falling blocks, singing toys and one of those stupid popper push toys that no matter where I hide, she always seems to find, didn’t provide for a very good napping environment.

So, one day, after suffering from a particularly horrible migraine with no relief in sight and no hope that my little miss would quiet down any time soon… I did it. I grabbed the remote, I turned on the T.V. and tuned it to the first cartoon channel I was able to see through my swollen, blood shot, migraine eyes….. Nick Jr.

And then… I heard it… a sound so beautiful that it was comparable to angel’s singing… SILENCE  (well except for the creepy guy in the orange jumpsuit.. have any of you seen Yo Gabba Gabba? Strange… but it’s growing on me).  Yes, my girl was mesmerized and officially hooked. And I… well, I got some much needed sleep!

From that day on Nick Jr. has been a dear friend to me. It not only got me through my morning sickness which lasted a majority of my pregnancy, but even after my second child was born (Owen.. he’s 4 months old and super cute) I still turned to Nick Jr. for help…  because sometimes  Nick Jr. allows me to sleep in,  sometimes it provides me with a moment of quiet so that I don’t completely lose my mind,  and  sometimes Nick Jr. allows me to take a shower that lasts longer than 5 minutes during which I might even have the chance to shave my legs (you’re welcome husband).

So, thank you Nick Jr., for saving my life and for being like preschool on T.V.!

Alex here!
Thanks so much for sharing, Jesse!

I know I only have one child,
and have not yet had to experience morning sickness while having a toddler,
but I already adore Nick Jr. and how much my child loves Moose and Zee
...I have a feeling I'll have a whole new appreciation for it after baby #2 :)

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