April 7, 2011

I Think I'm More Awkward Than Awesome...

It feels like the week just started and it's already Thursday {not complaining}
but it's really my Friday {just to make things a little more confusing} 
since I don't have work tomorrow...oh the advantages of working for the school district!

I had so much fun {and got great feedback}
on my last awkward & awesome post, I'm so excited I decided to do these weekly!
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Letting Isaiah enjoy naked baby time {after his bath} only to watch in horror from across the room as he decides to squat and pee on the carpet.

Oh, and then he decided to do the same thing the next night while we were vising our friends, yes, at their house! {maybe he should wear a shirt with a disclaimer that says he's not housebroken?!}

Listening to my neighbor play his tuba...outside...for over 2 hours...I don't think I need to elaborate.

Attempting to cut up an apple, and instead, cutting my finger. It's been bleeding for 2 days straight. No joke.
{Ok, maybe not straight, but off and on...that counts for somethin'}

Oh, and my hubby was in a car accident {everyone is totally fine} but the other person did not have insurance. She called me a few choice names because we called the police. And this is now what our car looks like:

See that huge missing piece, don't worry...it's in the trunk.
I know, you're jealous, right?


Date night in with the hubby, on Saturday night. A movie and two tubs of ice cream. {happy girl}

Two {must be my lucky number this week} park dates with the best looking hubby and sweetest baby.

The Britt Festival Lineup came out! I'm soooo excited to {hopefully} catch a few amazing concerts in the breathtaking outdoor amphitheatre. Ahhhh, southern Oregon summers :)

My super sweet son twisted my arm {how is he already so good at that?!} and we stayed up until 9:45 {waaaaaay past bedtime, in case you were wondering}
cuddling, laughing, singing and counting to 8! I am continuously blessed by him.

Spring hasn't exactly sprung, but it think it's trying! I'm loving all the flowers that are popping up everywhere! These guys are in our yard:

Now it's your turn!
What was awkward and what was awesome?!


gin said...

Nope; you are definitely more awesome than awkward. With your creative skillz and your photography skillz, you're so awesome.
Are you a teacher? I'm one, so when I read you work for a school district, I just had to ask!

angelica said...

Ooh such pretty flowers!

Anonymous said...

so sorry about the car....and so glad no one was hurt!!! your flower pictures are so pretty! each one could be on a card==they are that nice. loved the pee story and i think you should notify damon with that tee shirt idea....it would be so cute "not housebroken".........you could sell it on etsy! (really) xoxoxooxxoox

AlexandraRose said...

Gin, you are too sweet, thank you! And I'm a preschool teacher at a child development center that is oporated alongside the high school {sorry that was a slightly complicated answer!} And Aunt Rose, how funny would it be if Isaiah really had a shirt that said that?! Lol! I can't wait for our other flowers to start blooming!!

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