April 25, 2011

Easter Snapshots {and a visit to the ER}

It's been a super crazy day,
a lot has happened,
but I promised some Easter pictures,
and pictures I shall deliver!

We had a wonderful weekend...
spent time with family,
ate lots of food,
and had a visit from the easter bunny
{and the ER doctor...}

here are a few pictures from our weekend

this is a super awkward photo...
...we weren't having the best picture-taking day,
but it made me smile :)

And on to the ER
I've been told  that since Isaiah got stitches
I'm officially in the
I'm-a-mommy-of-a-boy club...
but I don't remember asking to be a member of that club!

I'm so lucky he was a trooper...

Thank goodness for Ratatouille!

 I hope you had a wonderfully blessed
{slightly less eventful than mine}


Lindsay said...

OH MY Poor little guy! HUGS to Isaiah!!!

Mistakenly Misunderstood said...

What a beautiful fam you've got there! Your little boy is absolutely the cutest! Love his hair. The good news about the stitches is:
1.) It's in his brow so you won't see much of a scar. 2.) He's so young yet that it will be minuscule as he gets older!

Sierra said...

awww, poor little zaiah!:( I haven't become a member of that club yet and that is just fine!! Glad he was a trooper!

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