November 12, 2011

Our Week {in cell phone photos}

I'm not sure why, but there's something fun about documenting a week in pictures
{even if they are from my cell phone}

This week wasn't anything out of the ordinary...
There was some shopping, treats, walks, thrifting, a Christmas bazaar and some crafting.

1. Check out that receipt. Yep, that's right. My total was $1.98 for 2 pairs of leggings. Booya.
2. Not-so-hot while grocery shopping
3. Rockin' mom's shades in the car
4. Our local fabric store

My favorite things from the Christmas Bazaar:

1. A plant growing out of a boot. I was tempted to buy this. Seriously.
2. Braided rugs
3. Fresh made kettle corn

1. Gorgeous fall tree we saw on our walk
2. The dahlias I finally had to toss from our family photo shoot

We stopped by our favorite furniture store
They have AMAZING pieces
I drool.

1. Made some burp rags from cloth diapers {big and super absorbent!}
2. Had a happy lunch
3. Cuddled with my lavender aromatherapy heat pack

It was a good week :)

I'm linking up with {just.lovely.things} and a good life


{just.lovely.things} said...

you stayed busy and saw lots of rad stuff, i'm glad you documented it all so i feel like i'm there with you! =) umm will you make me a happy lunch one of these days?? haha

Anonymous said...

Love that tree!

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