March 5, 2012

twenty five

Last week, I turned 25.
I feel like a real grown up now...or, at least like my age actually reflects it :)
I've wanted to be 25 {for whatever reason}for as long as I can remember...
and now it's funny that I finally am!
I just know that this 25th year is going to be an amazing one.

Hubby spoiled me and the last few days have been filled with food, friends, gifts and did I mention food?! These people know the way to my heart!

Here's a look at the birthday weekend festivities

I woke up with this picture right next to my face, and breakfast in bed. Not a bad start :)

My sweet, sweet boy picked these earrings out for me all by himself. He melts my heart.

We had yummy veggie lasagna for dinner!

We went to the library...

Some of my birthday flowers!

On Saturday, Isaiah got to build a wooden car at Home cool is that?!

Then we headed down to the first outdoor market of the season!
I love all the fresh produce.

and these absolutely amazing, melt-in-your-mouth delicious donuts.
They're life changing...and I don't even really like donuts.

Of course we finished off our trip with popcorn and soda from our favorite downtown news stand.

Throwing rocks in Na-Na and PopPop's creek.

We headed to Ashland for dinner, but felt the need to share this gigantic caramel apple first.
This thing was GOOD.

We shopped around at some of our favorite stores.

and tried on silly sunglasses 

We ate at an Asian place, and I got a yummy eggplant and tofu dish!

my lovely friends who came to surprise me :)

Sunday it was freezing and foggy until almost 1:00 when the sun decided to come out and make things happy and 65 degrees.
We did some yard work,
Went on a 4 mile walk and then watched Hubby's basketball game.

Yep...good weekend.

How was your weekend?!


Jamie said...

Happy Belated!!! :) love all your pictures. Too cute how your boy picked out your earrings.

Lei said...

Happy birthday! :) Your little boy is adorable! That veggie lasagna looks awesome! :)

P.S. I'm hosting a book tour on my blog. Join the giveaways! Amazon gift cards and a Kindle Fire up for grabs! :)

mommatojoa said...

Happy birthday!
Looks like you had a splendid weekend! How fun are all those pictures.

It's always the best when your children pick out presents for you. I love when my kids pick out stuff for me :)

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